The Hobbit: KoM Hero Infinite Leveling With Minimum Losses Guide

If you want to attack level 1 goblin camp then you should know that you can do it only few times and your hero is going to receive 20 EXP for this mission. When he attacks a camp full of goblins he receives exactly the same reward, not to mention the fact that when attacking level 10 goblin camps you can also win 20 EXP. This is definitely unbalanced and it may seem a waste of time and resources to upgrade your hero. You can attack empty camps as well and you are going to be rewarded.

If you want to attack, all you have to do is to “select wild” and to “select hero”. Do not forget to “add troops” and only after that you can “attack”. You will have to “wait 30 seconds” before the attack and then another 30 second while fighting. The last 30 seconds are going to be used in order to return. You have to wait 90 seconds until you will be ready to attack again and the waiting time sometimes gets even longer.

If you are extremely bored and if you do not have anything important to do you can try clicking constantly on your screen. This way you can hurry the process and you can level 5 or even 6 heroes at the same time. But like I have already said this is not an option unless you do not have anything interesting to do.

Do not forget that it is important to keep in mind the following tips:
- Your Muster Field and your Grand Hall should be at least level 5.
- If you attack a level 1 camp and if you have some strong troops then your chances to win are bigger. You can take their resources and you can easily advance.
- If you have sent your first hero and your first troops to win your battle do not forget that a second hero and another army are necessary. Send them in order to win new resources.

By the time your first army and hero come back your have managed to send at least 3 heroes and the battle is in your hands. It is definitely a pity that you cannot send a hero alone in an empty camp. No matter what, you have to add some troops with him and it is a waste of resources.

You should pay a lot of attention because the goblins have the ability of respawning themselves. This should not be a threat for you but it is better to be prepared.